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Laser Philips Zoom! whitening

Zoom whitening £385 plus £39.50 suitability check ( for new patients including suitability assessment )
Zoom whitening plus home kit £700

Laser Philips Zoom! whitening

At Beighton Dental Care we offer Laser Philips Zoom whitening in Sheffield. This professional teeth whitening is safe, pain -free and the quickest and effectively way to whiten your teeth.

In only one visit your teeth will whiten up to 6 shades! After your zoom laser treatment, you receive a take home kit to continue your whitening at home.

The treatment with Philips Zoom takes approximately 90-120 mins and it is carried out at our surgery at Beighton Dental Care.

  • your eyes, lips and gums are protected.
  • the whitening gel is applied to your teeth
  • the Philips Zoom lamp activates the whitening product for 15 minutes
  • This procedure is repeated 4 times, so relax and watch the TV!
Laser Philips Zoom! whitening
Philips Zoom